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Usually I’m afraid to watch myself on film, but because these two clips my friend and former student, Jeremy Birkline, posted after AWP 2017 are short, I watched them. And I didn’t die from it! So, I’m taking the next bravery step and posting them here.

AWP Women’s Caucus – How to Join

AWP Women’s Caucus – How to Join


AWP Womens CaucusAll women welcome! This listserv exists to identify, discuss and support issues related to women in publishing, writing and related to the annual AWP (Association of Writers & Writing Programs) Conference. These issues include, but are not limited to, childcare, publishing, safety concerns, affordability / economic barriers, panel proposals, and more.

The 2017 AWP Conference will be held in Washington, D.C. All are welcome to help identify and discuss three primary concerns we may take to the AWP leadership and ask them to address.

Beyond, we will help each other with panel proposals, support each other’s accepted panels and discuss and encourage channels for publication as well as identifying & addressing problems we face in the publishing world.

Thank you,

2016 AWP Women’s Caucus – Amy King, President – Hafizah Geter, Vice President – Melissa Studdard, Vice President

* Of note: The AWP Women’s Caucus officers are affiliated with VIDA:…

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