Dear Selection Committee

“Melis­sa Stud­dard is already an accom­plished poet, but her newest col­lec­tion—Dear Selec­tion Com­mit­tee—feels spe­cial. Framed as a job appli­ca­tion, the book dis­rupts and active­ly fights against the ways that work has tak­en over people’s lives in recent years. Sur­pris­ing and defi­ant, Studdard’s poet­ry feels espe­cial­ly poignant now, as a reces­sion and infla­tion loom overhead.”-Megan Reynolds, Jewish Book Council

Dear Selection Committee shreds a staid, worn-out script then rewrites it, exposing and extolling the tangled contradictions and desires that accompany womanhood today.” –Laura Dennis, Mom Egg Review