Six Weeks to Yehidah & My Yehidah


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Six Weeks to Yehidah is the tale of a spunky young girl on a metaphysical journey. As she travels from one adventure to another through magical, mystical lands, she learns ancient wisdom traditions and gains deeper insight into herself and her world. Eventually she must make the most important decision she’s ever faced—whether or not to return to the self she has always known.


  • The first thing to know about Six Weeks to Yehidah is that it’s beautiful. The writing is sharp and crisp and evocative. The prose is poetic, well-formed. All of that, and there’s a story, as well. A good one, worth sharing.—India Wilson, January Magazine
  • When people ask me what I read, I say ‘Classics,’ because to me there isn’t a lot else worth reading. Six Weeks to Yehidah is now on my ‘Classics’ shelf.’   —Melissa Lemon, Cinder and Ella
  • Six Weeks to Yehidah is the story of Annalise, a young girl who enters a wondrous dreamscape. With the company of two very special friends, she takes a journey and meets a variety of intriguing and highly entertaining characters. Ultimately, it is up to Annalise to solve the greatest riddle of all: why she’s here, and what it all means. Her each step towards this answer is both delightful and thought-provoking. Six Weeks to Yehidah is a must read for any young person who knows there is more to life than what is right in front of our eyes. —Jen Knox, author of Musical Chairs and To Begin Again
  • Melissa Studdard’s Six Weeks to Yehidah was a mind blowing, imaginative journey and a soul awakening, wonderful read. —Sylvia H., Reader’s Favorite 


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My_Yehidah_frontExplored as a companion to Six Weeks to Yehidah or as a stand alone,  My Yehidah leads you through one of the most important adventures you can take: the journey to the center of yourself. Filled with writing and drawing prompts and beautiful illustrations to color, this book is the perfect jump start for meaningful, creative exploration for people of all ages.

  • My Yehidah is indispensable for any parents who desire a creative way to nurture their child’s emotional intelligence, creativity, and authenticity.  —Jeffrey Davis, The Journey from the Center to the Page
  • This playful, imaginative workbook offers therapists and counsellors a resource for guiding children through a process of self-exploration and creativity. —Marilyn Magnuson, Family Therapist and Art Therapist
  • “I’m excited to see a journal for young adults written expressly to encourage their own imaginations and aid in developing awareness about their spiritual journeys…Adults will enjoy and benefit from this book as much as the children for whom it is intended.”—Tess Castleman, Jungian Analyst
  • My Yehidah is an orchard of words and images to feed the imagination and a meadow of blank spaces to meander through while sketching, coloring, painting, collaging, and writing.  —Dawn Leas, I Know When to Keep Quiet



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