Charlotte Hamrick’s Favorite Poems of 2018

I love these year-end peeks into what other people are reading and loving, and I’m delighted to be on this list!


A camellia from my garden, December 2018

Glass: A Journal of Poetry has released its annual list of recommended reading in poetry. I keep a list, too, of favorite poems throughout the year so I thought I’d share a few with y’all. These are in no particular order and are not all of the poetry I’ve saved over the past year. But, these are definitely stellar poems in some of my favorite journals. I hope you’ll click through and read them.

Louisiana Requiem by Heather Treseler in Frontier Poetry.

Hurricane, 3rd Day by Melissa Studdard in New Ohio Review.

The Peaches by Jericho Brown in The Adroit Journal.

Eve in the Blood by M. Stone in Avatar Review.

Finishing School by Emma Bolden in Black Warrior Review.

Spectacle by Lindsay Illich in Foundry.

Visitation by Marissa Glover in Barren Magazine.

Upon the Blue Nile by Bola Opaleke in…

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Hurricane, 3rd Day

Hurricane, 3rd Day

Many thanks to New Ohio Review for publishing this poem about my experiences during Hurricane Harvey. I’m especially grateful to editor David Wanczyk, who generously spent a lot of time helping me fine tune it.

New Ohio Review

by Melissa Studdard

We hid in the belly of porcelain. The world 
sang sirens overlapping, the sound of wind

taking gates from the hinge. That whistling, yes.
Whistling and whipping, the world the cry 

of a cow caught in the spin of a twister and lifted. 
Water creeping to the back door like a thief. 

It wanted the jewels of our eyes.

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