“Everyone in Me Is a Bird” at the Academy of American Poets

Two Poems at The Guardian (Scroll down)

“Revolution” from The Journal

Respect” at the Academy of American Poets

“Family Tree” at Skin Deep

Three Poems at Cultural Weekly

Life Is the Saddest Thing That Ever Happened to Me” and “To Be With Trees” at Tinderbox Poetry Journal

Two Poems at Cutthroat: A Journal of the Arts.

Three poems at Spork Press

“I Ate the Cosmos for Breakfast” at Your Daily Poem 246728_2075625531333_5574188_n

“We Are the Universe” at Vox Poetica                               

“I Dream; Therefore You Are” and “No Philosopher has Yet Solved the Problem of Evil” at Tupelo Quarterly  

“Naming Sky” at Recours au Poème 

Five Poems at Ishaan Literary Review

mstud-7“Killing the Moth” at Red Fez                      

“Integrating the Shadow” at  Verse Daily

Three Poems on Remedios Varo at Tryst 

Four Poems at  Saint Julian Press 

Three Poems at First Literary Review-East

Three Poems at Life and Legends

“Starry Night, With Socks” at Edgar Allen Poet Journal

“A Spur in the Ribs of my Love-Colored Map” Eleven Eleven

Three Poems at Moonday Poetry   

“Scenes from a Landscape, with a Side Note to Mother Nature” at  Poecology 


“Vagabond” at Toronto Quarterly    

Six Poems about death at Truck


“To Love One Thing” at Psychology Today

“Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust” at Wilderness House Literary Review


“Hagski’s Domain” at The Criterion

“Heddie Alexander” at Otis Nebula

“The Bright Drop”  at The Criterion

“Serial Killers” at  Steel Toe Review

“Paradise” at The Smoking Poet

“A Tofu Festival” at All Things That Matter Press’s Holiday Shorts

“Before Order: A Poet’s Tale” at She Writes



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