Pternophobia and Posthuman

I’m thrilled to have two new poems in South Florida Poetry Journal’s February issue.

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To see the other or hear me read both, click on the following link and scroll down:


Submit to Aeolian Harp Anthology

Hello Friends! I’m guest editing what promises to be a gorgeous folio anthology for Glass Lyre Press. 6 poems each by 10 poets. No submission fees. Previously published poems may be in the mix. Send your best poems–I’d love to read them!

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What they said to think, I thought not

I’m delighted to see my poem “Everyone in Me Is a Bird” featured at the Academy’ of American Poets’ Poem-a-Day today! This poem was inspired by a line from Anne Sexton’s poem “In Celebration of My Uterus.”

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My Mother Was a Lake Full of Water Lilies



I’m thrilled to have two poems in the Skin Deep issue of Pirene’s Fountain. There are so many poets whose work I admire in this issue, and everything about it is gorgeous!

Katherine Herschler created the deadly Venus Flytrap design with its beautiful blossoms to represent our perceptions
of beauty and self-image.

Pirene’s will donate 20% of proceeds from each book to the Texas Harvey and Puerto Rico hurricane relief funds.

“Family Tree” is one of my poems from the issue:



Democracy, Pigeons, Skylines and Such

The Journal is one of my favorite lit mags, and I’m happy to have a poem in their new issue, along with some stellar company. I think of their aesthetic as the ideal manifestation of Emily Dickinson’s “tell it slant” advice. Here’s a link to The Journal’s website, if you’d like to check it out: And here’s a shot of my poem in their current print edition:



An Offering to Mind and Body: A Review of Lois P. Jones’s Night Ladder–By Kate Kingston for LARB

“In Jones’s poems, as in Lorca’s, duende and qi come together on the page in an act of passion, an explosion of energy, ensuring that the words live on in the mind long after the reader has closed the book.”

An Offering to Mind and Body: A Review of Lois P. Jones’s “Night Ladder”–By Kate Kingston for Los Angeles Review of Books

This is a beautiful book! I’m so happy to share the review!

Click here for full review: An Offering to Mind and Body: A Review of Lois P. Jones’s Night Ladder